Everything Changes


  • One Cell Phone with Two Systems (luxury os + Web3.0 os): Users can switch between dual systems at will.
  • Web3 Phone with Decentralized Identity SBT: Users have exclusive identity in the virtual world via Soulbound token.
  • Smartphone 5G with VALUE Wallet: VALUE wallet encrypts and protects user’s assets for all-round asset security.
  • 10T Decentralized Storage VBOX: 10T distributed storage space that is free forever.
  • One-click NFT copyright camera VSHOT: Each photo has a unique NFT copyright for valuable mobile photography.
  • NFT PASS CARD: High-end membership benefits based on Vertu’s service concept and conforming to the Web3.0 ecology.
  • VOS: A validator for Ethereum mining via light node with built-in application for mining.